SNAKE!!! =-O :O :'(

Published June 2, 2016 by wallacedarwin


Most who get injured by snakes  are trying to kill snakes or don’t watch where they are going or reaching. =-O
Unlike the mistaken portrayals on the famous yellow flags, snakes are defensive, preferring to run away and hide, never chase humans intentionally :-\
Best bite kit? Car keys (quick trip to E.R.:-) )
Tip: practice positive I.D.; example, lots of WATER snakes “look like” cotton mouths (popularly called “water moccasin” by nonHerpitologists)
MOST are misidentified nonvenomous water snakes who get surprised before they can escape…you’re more likely to get injured in a chase or tripping and falling in the water πŸ˜‰ 😦
Even if it were a venomous species, it is valuable in it’s range and you’ll be “lucky” to ever see it again just like ALL the other times before…unless it’s a major habitat your wildlife agents can identity for you…or something like construction has forced it to go towards people, it being made desperate for food (also displaced) …leaving food out good for rodents/pets can attract :-*
In USA, rarely does anyone die from encountering snakes, usually from NOT getting swift medical attention πŸ˜›
We overestimate odds of LOTS of “dangers” ISIS/DAESH/ISIL attacks included…
Stop courting anxiety and worrying yourself to death and have fun in case you’re unlucky after all, in which we apologize for the bad advice πŸ˜€ LMFAO! πŸ˜€ JUST lightening (NOT lightning) the moid πŸ™‚