Published June 13, 2016 by wallacedarwin

TENS of millions of dollars have been spent since ARKANSAS painting HILLARY “Untrustworthy” by professional P.R. firms and operations research consultants, etc., WHY?
Could it be that her amassing a sterling record of accomplishments, despite DISTRACTION, frightens and threatens those pretenders to POWER who cannot match it?
What’s more, multiple INDEPENDENT FACTCHECKERS consistently show Hillary mostly TRUTHful (compare/CONTRAST to the opposite record of Trumplestilskin who is rated as some category of “FALSE” over 75% and one in five, “PantsOnFire” LIES 😛 )
HILLARY’s “unfavourables” are, thus, predominantly manufactured perception, while Donnie”CharlieSheen”Trump’s are SelfMade :-$ O:-) :-$ 😥

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