Published March 16, 2016 by wallacedarwin

THANKS to Paul Iorio and his exposition of the Nixon/Wallace 1970s Interplay 🙂

We’ve been raising the similarities between Donnie”CharlieSheen”Trump and Nixon’s Enemies List/”SouthernStrategy”, GeorgeCorleyWallace and him as Donnie”JerrySpringer”Trump as an “integrated”;-) personality (more like dissociative “multiple personality” ? “3FacesOfEve”? 🙂 :-(:'( + NarcissisticNationalist Personality Disorder?) (Campaign Fashion statement: RED caps with brown shirts :-$ O:-) :-$ )
But, we, here, worry that our saying such is red meat nourishing the confirmation bias of his fact blind legions?
Mittwitt Romnuts inflames their certainty that the InsiderEstablishmentElites CORPORATOCRACY must fall at ANY and ALL costs no matter WHO spearheads it, TyrantosaurusTrump himself is irrelevant? :-!
It’s a mutiny and anyone charismatic will serve to prosecute the rebellion (cf. FrenchRevolution?)
KalHawl&TheHallInstitute could get with some of the more rational objectives? :-* NEVER with TrumpusoreUSwrecks as MisleaderInChief :-\
That’s what’s scary; that the frustration runs broadly and deeply enough to play into YET ANOTHER ACCIDENTAL PRESIDENT qua PiedPiperInChief, his virtually ASSured failure to deliver discovered after a second term collapse? 😥 VladTheInhaler PUTIN’s licking his chops? 😛
Soon, not even the media giants, like with the insular Jesse”TheHun”Helms, will be able to question KingConTRUMP in depth on his Wizard of Oz promises in STEP by step details?
“TheGreatWallOfChump”just for starters…
Media investigators and INDEPENDENT FACTCHECKERS have been too little, too late, instead “funding” his campaign with celebrity culture coverage? :-$
There’s more,but we bore? 😉


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