Published February 9, 2016 by wallacedarwin

Et tu, Brutè? :-*

The well meaning amygdala driven among the female left turn away from the flawed, but superbly prepared female candidate, instead, now following the siren sound of the alter ego to TRUMP’s anger baiting they prevail…
And, when they’ve realized that they unintentionally put one of the 7RNCdwarfs in power and could wait 8years before getting only a CHANCE at correcting the mistake of getting ALL of their goals frustrated? ;-)they must repent at protracted leisure 😦
Once again, DEMOCRATS fail to avoid the typical DEMOCRATIC Party tendency to SEIZE defeat from the jaws of victory? :-(especially when they get their feelings hurt when THEIR person is NOT the candidate and they, instead of winning, choose to stay home and give away ANY chance of getting even part of what they fought for? 😥
The RIGHT-WING RADICAL REACTIONARY REPUBLICAN IDEOLOGUES will tag Bernie with a noose made from an albatross toting a millstone labeled “SOCIALIST” which most CONselfSERVATIVEs and enough others assume means “Communist”:-*


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