Published July 25, 2015 by wallacedarwin


Funny how ethnicity can seep into the unconscious perception of the base in unprovable ways with clever advisers and speech writing like Rubio using “class” euphemistically referring to Obama?

One post surmised that it might seem “funny” :

Possibly, were it not so serious in potential for the future? :-[
The RIGHT-WING RADICAL REACTIONARY IDEOLOGUES want a REAGAN or “w” (Cheney-bush) the InsiderEstablishmentElites can use for the face of government…kinda like the icing on the cake, while the ants within clandestinely make off with the baked batter?:-$ O:-) :-$ Vicarious usurpation of power? :-*
But, if you prefer YET ANOTHER fruitless Middle Eastern Endless WAR, this time regional…:'(


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