Published May 20, 2015 by wallacedarwin

(STILL zero found)

[Thanks to Harry Reyhing]

Reply to Limbaugh 5/19/15Facebook

“That ‘they now found wmds’ is bull.
What they found was chemical weapons
that were so old and degraded as to be unusable.
Besides, the iraq war was NOT even so much about wmds;
after all other nations like noirth korea and china have wmds and we dont invade them.
It was about the “imminent threat’ saddam posed to us, but the very idea that saddam was an imminent threat is a joke
after we decimated him in first gulf war.
16 intelligence agencies told bush that Saddam was
NO immient threat at all,
but bush told America and congress the exact opposite.
Also the intelligence agencies sent Bush a memo,
the White Paper which also stated the same…
after bush got the White Paper it went to Congess and when Congess got it,
those all important words:
‘not an imminent threat’
were mesteriously DELETED.
Hanz Blix and the American inspectors had total access and no notice inspections and they told bush they found
no evidence
of wmds
and asked for just 2 more months to look; instead Bush booted them out and
started bombing Baghdad.

How about the lie that Bush and Cheney told America and Congess about Saddam being in on 9/11,
even though he had
NO evidence of this and Bush even admitted it,
three years into the war…
but long after this LIE and others led us into Bush’s war.
Also, if Bush really thought Saddam was in on 9/11,
why then did he not demand Saddam be extradited here to face justice/obviously Bush knew this was bull,
along with his other lies.
Colin Powell’s speech before the U N was riddled with falsehoods like Niger and ‘yellow cake’ and uranium.
The botom line is:
Bush lied this nation into war under false pretenses and is guilty of all the blood and chaos that ensued whether his real motive was oil or one upmanship [regarding]his dad.
Also bush and Cheney and Rove are ‘chicken hawks’ [from]when it was their turn to serve in NAM…none of them did,
but they were all so wreckless and ready to shed the blood of our heros for their lies.”


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