Published May 15, 2015 by wallacedarwin


Who knows what TEDiousCruz is doing to cripple NASA?

He’s also using the gun lobby trick of throttling research on earth science to cut down on new evidence of GLOBAL CLIMATE INSTABILITY by employing the FALSE pretext that “most people assume the ONLY mission is space exploration”…
he’ll find a way to defund that NEXT time we’re not looking? :-$ O:-) :-$

It’s the REAGAN legacy of appointing agency heads who are industry shills, or have personal/ideological animosity towards the founding purposes of the office…a.k.a., GovernmentBy”WRENCHinTheCOGS”:-$ O:-) :-$ 😛
(e.g., Clarence”Scalito”Thomas at EEOC :'()
Madison said it,

This continues when the supporters of science stay home November 2016 like they did last November thus allowing the appointment of the likes of Ted”CryRafe”Cruz and James”OsteRich”Inhofe to control committees? :-$ O:-) :-$ 😥

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