Published May 10, 2015 by wallacedarwin

[RedStateCaliFate (Callous+Fate=Caliphate? O:-))]

ISIS/ISIL/DAESH DECAPITATION,Inc.,LLP, STILL trying to bait US into “the last grand WAR” between ABSOLUTE good vs ABSOLUTE evil…the lust for Armageddon, the Rapture and Tribulation? O:-)
It’s part of their recruiting marketing strategy sales pitch? :-$ O:-):-$

Maybe they can get their metaphysical “soulmates” at CUFI, CornerstoneChurch and John Hagee* to be their Westside Millennialist consultants on bringing on the “EndOfDays”?? O:-) 😛 😉 GreatSatan, AntiChrist and all?
All based on a convenient SelfServing Self”RIGHT”eous aberrant set of misreadings of chards of serially translated adulterations of culturally dated holy scroll bits and ancient fantasy tales?? O:-) :-*
Great fiction, however? :-!

*LibertyBaptist, “PatAnswers”Robertson, Franklin”Pharasee”Graham, Bob”Job”Jones, WestboroBaptist and a shepherd’s cast of thousands in a tax-free MoronTaberknuckleChoir?? :-$ O:-) :-$ soloed variously by “TehranTOM”COTTON&TheFortySevenDwarfs, Nyetanyayhoo, SheldonAdelson, NewtieGingreich, HerrKarlRove(KOCH), “Church&StateAllInOne”Huckabee and throw in EXsinator”TrickyDick”Sanctimonium & a symphony of sycophants…
All allied by the year last midterm elections so that the KNIGHTS ERRANT OF THE PARTY OF WAR REIGN!

“GOD” BLESS THE 1StAmendment!!



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