Published May 2, 2015 by wallacedarwin

“GeneralInhospitable” Meets “AsTheSpermTurns” B-) O:-)

Now let’s reflect on the curious tale of Abraham’s dalliance with Lilith (Petra? Who didn’t make pope) and how she played the role of surrogate till some wandering dudes (salesmen? ;-)) dropped in and, miraculously, the wife “became fertile” (never a male deficiency 😉 ;-)) and, at the behest of an “angel” (more later O:-) ) was “with child” triggering off spurning of the mistress, an inheritance conflict (” SANCTITY” of  “OneManOneWoman” traditional marriage :-* 😉 :S ) and some prodigality, sheep vs. horticultural holy favoritism, jealous bastardy,  homicidal rage, child abuse with ANOTHER angelic intercession, Bushes, animal sacrifice, and all requiring suspension of disbelief? =-O
And material even Shakespeare was reluctant to pack into one saga 😥
Nobody got hauled up before the tribal council so no early necessity to plead insanity, let alone the virgin birth defense O:-) (same angel? angle? :-\)
But, of course, all this is “literally” FUNdaMENTALly true…according to St.ScaliaOfNeverland 😀


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