Published April 6, 2015 by wallacedarwin

Facebook Chinese commies style”minders” (“admins”?)
have attempted to *censor the following:

Nyetanyayhoo, the PUTIN of the middle east is a regional WAR looking for an excuse to happen? :-$ O:-) :-$ :-* 😥
He’s in tight with the RIGHT-WING RADICAL REACTIONARY REDSTATE EVANGELICAL FUNDAMENTALIST FRINGE millennialists like HAGEE(C.U.F.I.) and the KNIGHTS ERRANT OF THE PARTY OF WAR, facilitated by neocon WarHawks: Adelson,Gingreich,Kristol, et.al? :-$ O:-) :-$$$$
Like ISIS/ISIL/DAESH, they yearn for Armageddon? O:-) 😥

*even on “replies” in agreement with the comments, the post is “faded” compared to even hateful previous replies :-!
When you notice similar practices of privatized mind control, SPEAK OUT! :O


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