@”GOD” SAYS, “DON’T PRESSURE ME!”? To presumptuous posting social media superpatriotXtians O:-)

Published March 19, 2015 by wallacedarwin

Hi, this is “GOD”, my sharp female “ears” picked up what you thought and please STOP trying to tell me what I must do, ESPECIALLY about Obama…he’s a Christian, so I’m leaving that up to my offspring, Jesus, he’s a Christian too and, unlike me,  he’s a socialist…anyway, the other god in house, our spirit, will referee any final decision O:-)
Before that, we’ve got to watch VladTheInhalerPutin and an over inflated ego in Nyetanyayhoo who labors under the delusion that he’s “KingOfTheJews”.
I’m what you erroneously refer to as “OldTestament”, so I’ll be bringing him DOWN to Earth 😦 where are my notes on Sodom and Gomorrah…he likes nukes & I can open a can of fire and brimstone he won’t soon forget 😥
O.K., you keep posting, but without dabbling in playing “GOD”…we’ll be awaiting (KingJames style, unrevised) your prayers for absolution (Vatican concordance), WE avoid “literalism” for ecumenical purposes…you’d be surprised at who we hear from =-O O:-)
Gotta go! Some boneheads making SelfServing interpretations of one of your  bible books are shooting up a museum, so we’ve got a lot of incoming…bye (we don’t use the hackneyed “amen” since the fundamentalists coopted it, unauthorized; they do such, especially the misinterpreters like Hagee…WHAT A PUTZ! WAIT’LL WE GET HE AND OSTEEN IN THEIR INTAKE INTERVIEWS 😛 😥

P.S. we severely limit church-state intercession, your Thomas Jefferson was very correctly insightful. I liked his bible, but Jesus, at first, got hurt feelings 😦


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