Published March 4, 2015 by wallacedarwin

“BETTER” LEADERS, “ScandalOfTheMonth” and HOW WeThePoorple ARE IMPLICATED :-$ :-*

They all awake with dawning consciousness, that for another day, they haven’t yet been “caught”? :-$ :-$ :-*

Dream on! 😉
Keep your expectations high? 😥
All we’ve left ourselves is the self created illusion of “better”… that sort has more respect for their family and themselves than to endure what we now subject them to? :-$ O:-) :-$ 😛 😥

The RIGHT-WING know they have nothing that sticks, that’s why we keep getting the “ScandalOfTheMonth”…just like when you move a small rock and a new “candidate” scurries forth? :-$ :-$ O:-) :-$


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