O:-)DoGooderism, Deities, Deniers and Death?

Published January 13, 2015 by wallacedarwin

DoGooderism gone wrong in service of trying to prevent a repeat of the last “WarOn”Whatever?

Ridicule, in growing civilized societies, regardless of the intended effect, is protected by law and, even when found excessive, is controlled by rational governance, not by vigilantism and does NOT include the death penalty? :-*

Mixing of the life&death power of thinking government with the emotional zealotry of religion has always produced the results we are observing.
Think “Inquisition”…”Crusades”? O:-)

Like our hardliners & funDaMENTALists, they create a SelfServing world based on rehashing of interpretations of translations of “holy”literature and prove it “true” by force of excommunication of doubters, deniers & denigrators by inquisition or worse? O:-) :-! :-$ :-*

Eventually, mere perception of loosely defined “evil”, hearsay and ScoreSettling accusations devolve into internecine power struggles over who’s “TOO liberal for” whatever…
SummaryJudgement as extemporaneous Judge&Jury “justice” substitutes for law, and DEATH becomes DICTATOR…
CHAOS becomes the canton? O:-) :-$ 😥
Hell’sA.Poppin’O:-) 😥


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