Published December 12, 2014 by wallacedarwin

RNC says “let’s fix Washington”:-)
“We did it!-“Your vote gave us the power to change Washington!”;-)

“Fixing” Washington is like turning a battleship on a dime? The graveyard of political hopes claim the remains of far better patriots than modern scorched earth politics offers! O:-)

“The POWER to change Washington”? 😀
Where have we heard that?
“Change you can b’LIEve in!”…and all the other crushed aspirations? 😀
What about the wisdom to be restrained? :-!
REPUBLICANS usually imagine the WRONG message from the people and follow a selfServing fantasy “MANDATE”. They, being better at getting elected than at government (resentfully), inevitably overplay their meager hand :-$
2/3 of the electorate voted with their feet, stayed home, and registered a “MANDATE” for “NONE OF THE ABOVE”:-P


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