John McCain Says CIA Torture ‘Stained Our National Honor’

Published December 10, 2014 by wallacedarwin

John McCain Says CIA Torture ‘Stained Our National Honor’

McCain said he understood why CIA operatives felt they had to do what they did, but he still maintained it was not acceptable. “I know, too, that bad things happen in war. I know in war good people can feel obliged for good reasons to do things they would normally object to and recoil from,” he said. “I understand the reasons that governed the decision to resort to these interrogation methods, and I know that those who approved them and those who used them were dedicated to securing justice for the victims of terrorist attacks and to protecting Americans from further harm. I know their responsibilities were grave and urgent, and the strain of their duty was onerous.” “But I dispute wholeheartedly that it was right for them to use these methods, which this report makes clear were neither in the best interests of justice nor our security nor the ideals we have sacrificed so much blood and treasure to defend,” McCain added.

Most of McCain’s Republican colleagues in the Senate — with the notable exception of Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, himself a military lawyer — disagree with McCain.


Thanks to Shawn Cain:

“wow, We are the greatest country in the world because we fallow our system of laws. We believe that because of our system that justice is dispense fairly and with a sense of balance. Truth, Justice and the American way this is why my 5 uncles 10 cousins and my son has served has severed this great country. My family was at James Town, James Cain has fought for the Irish 69th in the Civil war 3 of my uncles in WWII my farther lost his toes on the Inchon Pen. my family has bleed and more importantly has killed for this country. They would be ashamed for the action that the CIA has done. They fought against this, We do not do this in America we stand up against this. To all of you who thinks this is a good thing u blacken the eye of every service man that ever wore our colors. That ever stood on that wall in the darkest of days and has made that ultimate sacrifice from their lives to having to live with taking a life. There needs to be an atonement, these people need to be punish. We have killed dictators for this type of actions. This is not honorable behavior this is wrong and history will prove it to be so.”

We fund the “SecretGovernment” with billions…they must have spent a pittance for REAL, double-blind research to demonstrate how well these methods “work”? 😉 Certainly they’ll soon use it to refute the report, “RIGHT”:-! ??


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