Primer on WHAT’S BEHIND THE NetNeutrality CON GAME :-$

Published November 24, 2014 by wallacedarwin

In case you dread getting rid of “NetNeutrality” for “TieredAccess”…

It’s not so much the government protecting its interest in propaganda as that the CORPORATOCRACY-GOVERNMENT complex  likes manipulation of “free”expression (“ManufacturingConsent”byNoamChomsky).
They are blocked by the inconvenience of the BillOfRights, but have learned to bypass it by manufacturing “dangers” to children to defeat FIRST Amendment challenges. (How bout a “Family sumpin,sumpin Protection Act”? :-D).
This allows conglomerates of former INDEPENDENT media outlets to be go on the “FREE”MARKET and be controlled by narrow interests (think ComCast?).
This sort of thing, NOT the ballyhooed “librul bias” DIVERSIONARY DISTRACTION, is what’s wrong with “the”media.
We’re truncating this, but the points not lost :-$
More later 😉


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