XL JobScam@PunditFact fact-checks the Nov. 16 news shows | PunditFact

Published November 17, 2014 by wallacedarwin


The XL JobScam


The State Department says that once the proposed project enters service, operations will require 50 total employees in the U.S.,” Raddatz said.

“The State Department report details every type of job,” responded Girling. “And yes, the actual operating jobs are about 50, but that doesn’t include all of the other jobs that come with it. As I said, the State Department report concludes about 42,000 jobs including all the direct and indirect jobs.”

“For about two years,” Raddatz said, referring to the period that construction would be ongoing.

“No,” Girling said. “The 42,000 jobs is in ongoing, enduring jobs.”

Girling has that wrong. His claim ratesFalse.



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