Published October 30, 2014 by wallacedarwin

Thanks to Krysta Jaramillo:

“As one of those kids being talked about, I would kill to be debt free. I worked my butt off as a server in college but I moved away for school so my parents refused to pay for it. I graduated $30,000 in debt despite working in college and the monthly payment is over $500 and it mostly goes to interest because I got high rates. I often have to do without things like going to the doctor because I am struggling with this debt and credit card debt I ran up when I didn’t make ends meet. I am struggling to make it every day and paying the loans off is wishful thinking. The only thing I want in life is to be debt free so that I can actually start having a savings account and saving for retirement and think about buying my own house. Kids arnt even in my thoughts because they are a luxury I can’t even think of with this debt and I hope the guy I meet and marry is ok with waiting to have kids while I unbury myself from this mountain of debt. College loans have done nothing but make me resent how hard I worked in college and that I still ended up owing money and I don’t feel like it was worth it.”


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