% Book review excerpt : “The Second Amendment:A Biography,” by Michael Waldman – The Washington Post

Published October 29, 2014 by wallacedarwin

“Biography of the 2ndAmendment” review


“…but as Waldman correctly notes, in the wake ofHeller and McDonald, federal courts have refused to void most regulations. If history is our guide, for more than two centuries it was assumed that states could, within broad limits, regulate the guns “the people” could own, where they could “keep and bear” them and how they could use them. The contemporary claim that gun ownership (unlike other constitutional freedoms) cannot be limited at all is new, historically and legally untenable, and dangerous.

The real firearms argument is not a historical dispute about revolutionary America but a political one about 21st-century America. By one estimate, more than 15,000 Americans have died by gun violence since the Newtown massacre. As historian Jill Lepore recently wrote, in a heavily armed society there is no longer anything that can be called civilian life.”
By Garrett Epps


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