Published October 14, 2014 by wallacedarwin

(A brief history of the inception of “AtAnyAndAllCostsGetObama”)

As we imperfectly recall, the “stimulus” idea was, in part, carrying through a plan of the previous administration to brake the coming disaster Cheney-bush knew they’d triggered.:-$
Paulson,, on the event horizon of worldwide financial oblivion, had no time to retool the available responses.
It required a response within HOURS 😥
The HouseOfMisrepresentatives, sensing an early opportunity to hobble the new president, like they did by adding “PoisonPill” amendments to the ACA bill, cut the expert’s “sufficient” number from over a $trillion to ±$800billion, knowing they could be seen as “bipartisan” healers while cutting back to an amount real experts advised would make for a slow&grinding “recovery”:-*
(The rest is hysteriarectumy :-a low class ofmetastasizing national chronic obstructive bowel disease)
WeThePoorple be DAMNED 😛

DeMockracy run AMOK in the hands of the new all GOP 2015 Senate? 😥


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