Published September 30, 2014 by wallacedarwin

Thanks, John R.Fureigh,Sr.:-)

Cal Hall, I’ve watched your post for awhile, I’ve commented on a couple of them. I commend you, you’re knowledgeable on the subjects that interests me the most. JS

Sally Via

FB edits everyone’s posts. So does the FBI and CIA, since G Dubya Bush’s home securities act, which took away our right to privacy, and a lot of our freedoms.

That’s also the Cal Hall experience.
We saw posts by Soviet-style
minders calling themselves “Admins,” one giving the other instructions to alter or “take down” a post they were uncomfortable with, as the delegatee saw fit.
We were held up numerous times for approval of a series of questions we asked & in a perfunctory, arbitrary, and harassing manner. Suddenly they were released in bulk, including our exposure of the practice & open complaints over the “prior restraint”.
It was reminiscent of those utility company clerks on a power trip …like, say, AT&T?:-P


Cal Hall ;
Your post should be mandatory reading for every Repulinken sympathizer. They may not be able to read, can you draw pictures for further information. 😨


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