Facebook Mailbag: ‘PolitiFact is no longer a reliable source’ | PolitiFact

Published July 26, 2014 by wallacedarwin



The vote in Congress was not authorizing the President for war. It was not a resolution taken under the “War Powers Act” and it was not Congress exercising their Constitutional duty to declare war. This is evidenced by the fact that we never did officially declare war on Iraq. Only then could it be said that anyone voted “for the war.”

What the Congress voted for was a non-binding resolution authorizing the President to use force in Iraq IF ALL OTHER AVENUES FAILED including weapons inspectors, United Nations, NATO, and diplomatic negotiations.

Since no diplomatic relations were attempted and Bush yanked the weapons inspectors (since they found nothing), and the UN was snookered by Powell’s speech and the waving of a fake vial of “anthrax” around (he has since admitted his speech was full of lies), then Bush reneged on his promise to exhaust all avenues before commencing with “Shock and Awe.”

and regarding the supposed scandals those are republican fabrications , no evidence


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